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Ceramic Instruments

Ceramic Scissors Family Shot

Ceramic Scissors are made of German Stainless Steel and are coated in a thin layer of ceramic that is bonded to the steel physically and chemically. This ensures a longer lifespan of the scissors.

Key Advantages to using Ceramic Scissors:


  • Reduced Blade Friction
  • Matte-Black, Anti-Glare Surface
  • Super-Cut Blades on ALL Hayden Medical Ceramic Scissors
  • Thin ceramic coating on surface increases corrosion resistance and instrument lifespan
  • Increased longevity of cutting edge surface
  • Extremely Sharp cutting edge paired with micro-serrated blades
  • Ceramics are biocompatible and non-allergenic
  • Provides a barrier from biological and chemical contaminants






Need help finding a ceramic instrument? We can find it! 

We can reference any surgical instrument company’s catalog numbers including, but not limited to the following Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery Instrument companies:

Ambler* | ASSI* | Black & Black Surgical* | Byron* | Care Fusion* | Calico Surgical* | George Tiemann & Co.* | Jarit* | Karl Storz* | Marina Medical* | Millennium Surgical* | Miltex* | Padgett* | Snowden Pencer* | Sparta* | SSI* | Storz Instruments* | Tulip* | V. Mueller* | Walter Lorenz* | Wells Johnson*

Instrument Sets and Trays are also available, please and speak with one of our representatives to make an instrument set to best fit your needs!

*Hayden Medical Inc. and haydenmedical.com are not affiliated with the companies listed above. Their names are registered trademarks of the respective owners of their companies.


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