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Ear Instruments

Ear Instruments

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  • Baron Suction Tube 190-582

    Baron Suction Tube

    Baron Suction Tubes 190-580 Baron Suction Tube 3Fr. (1mm), w/ finger cut-off, 7.5cm tube 190-582 Baron Suction Tube 5Fr. (1.7mm), w/ finger cut-off, 7.5cm tube (Pictured) 190-584 Baron Suction Tube 7Fr. (2.3mm), w/ finger cut-off, 7.5cm tube

  • 210-834

    Chalazion Forceps, Hollow Platforms

    Chalazion Forceps 3-1/4″ (8.9cm), oval 12 x 14mm ID, hollow on both sides

  • Desmarres Chalazion Clamp Medium 210-192

    Desmarres Chalazion Clamp

    Hayden Medical’s Desmarres Chalazion Clamp also referred to as an Ear Lobe Clamp is used for steady retraction to repair ear lobes that have been significantly torn or stretched. This earlobe clamp can be caused by faulty ear lobe piercing or “gauging” of the ears as well as years-long use of heavy earrings. This can […]

  • Dingman Otobrader 190-495

    Dingman Otobraders (set of 2 Ear Rasps)

    Hayden Medical’s Dingman Otobraders, also referred to as Ear Rasps, are used to break up stiff cartilage to “pull back” the ear. These help in surgeries to assist patients with cosmetic and physical complications in the ear. The Dingman Otobrader can help to “pull back” ears have shown a benefit in patient’s self-image These procedures […]

  • 190-434-Hartman-Noyes-Alligator-Ear-Forceps-3-7.6-cm-shaft-serrated-jaws

    Hartman Alligator Forceps

    Hartman Alligator Forceps 190-434 Hartman Micro Alligator Forceps 3-1/2″ (8.8cm), serrated jaws (Pictured) 190-436 Hartman Alligator Forceps 5-1/2″ (13.8cm), serrated jaws 190-438 Hartman Alligator Forceps 6-1/2″ (16.3cm), serrated jaws 190-440 Hartman Micro Alligator Forceps 3-1/2″ (8.8cm), 1×2 teeth serrated jaws  

  • 190-450-Hartman-Ear-Dressing-Forceps-6-14-16cm-delicate-serrated

    Hartman Ear Dressing Forceps

    Hartman Ear Dressing Forceps 190-450 Hartman Ear Dressing Forceps 6-1/4″ (16cm), delicate, serrated  

  • 193-212-Hough-Hoe-Elevator-5-13_16_-14.8cm-.5mm-long-tip-angled-90-deg.-angled-shaft

    Hough Hoe Elevator

    193-212 Hough Hoe Elevator 5-13/16″ (14.8cm), .5mm long tip angled 90 deg., angled shaft

  • 190-411-House-Alligator-Ear-Forceps-3_-7.5cm-shaft-6mm-finely-serrated-jaws-straight

    House Alligator Ear Forceps

    190-411 House Alligator Ear Forceps 3″ (7.5cm) shaft, 6mm finely serrated jaws, straight (Pictured) 190-412 House Alligator Ear Forceps 2-7/8″ (7.3cm) shaft, serrated jaws, fine, 5mm jaws 190-413 House Alligator Ear Forceps 2-7/8″ (7.3cm) shaft, serrated jaws, delicate, 4mm jaws Also available in the following sizes, please call for details 190-423 House Alligator Ear Forceps […]