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About Our Lighted Retractors

Hayden Medical carries a wide variety of lighted fiber optic retractors for use in plastic surgery, cosmetic surgery, nasal surgery and general surgery procedures. All include fiber optic light with the option of suction. Light cables also available in 2.0mm, 3.5mm and 5.0mm diameters for small or large light fiber bundles. 

Watch our video on lighted retractors and see how Hayden Medical can be your solution for Lighted Surgical Retractors

405-163LS Ferriera Lighted Breast Retractor


A bit about Hayden Medical’s Lighted Retractors:

240-584L St. Mark's Deep Pelvic Retractor, hollow Handle-All standard retractors come with fiber optic light and suction

Tebbetts, Ferriera, Biggs Mammoplasty and St. Mark’s retractors are popular for general and cosmetic surgeries

-The Miyazaki Lighted Retractor, Breisky and Heaney Simon are popular for Gynecology surgeries

-The Aufricht Nasal Retractor is popular with cosmetic and general Nasal Surgery

-Hayden Medical’s Fiber Optic Retractors come in a variety of sizes and styles to fit your surgical needs

-All retractors are compatible with ACMI*, Wolf* and Storz/Olympus* light sources and cables

-All light cables can be used with ACMI, Wolf and Storz/Olympus light sources, please specify which light source you’re using at the time of order

Plastic Surgery Fiber-Optic Retractors

General/Vaginal Surgery Fiber-Optic Retractors

Need help finding a retractor?

We can reference any surgical instrument company’s catalog numbers or find a comparable product including, but not limited to the following surgical instrument companies:

Anthony Products* | ASSI* | Black & Black Surgical* | Byron* | Care Fusion* | Codman* | Electro Surgical Instrument Company* | Innomed* | Integra* | Invuity* | Jarit* | Lumitex* | Marina Medical* | Medline* | Medtronic* | Millenium Surgical* | Miltex* | OBP Medical* | Padget* | Snowden Pencer* | Storz Instruments* | Thompson Surgical* | V. Mueller* | Vitalcor*

Instrument Sets and Trays are also available, please and speak with one of our representatives to make an instrument set to best fit your needs!

*Hayden Medical Inc. and haydenmedical.com are not affiliated with the companies listed above. Their names are registered trademarks of the respective owners of their companies.

**Custom retractors are also available by request.

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