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Uterine Manipulators

Uterine Manipulators

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  • 365-531 Cohen tip

    Acorn Replacement for Cohen-Hayden Uterine Manipulator

    365-531 Small Acorn Replacement for Cohen-Hayden Uterine Manipulator 365-534 Large Acorn Replacement for Cohen-Hayden Uterine Manipulator

  • 365-211 Hayden Manipulator Injector

    Hayden Manipulator Injector

    The Hayden Manipulator offers an ergonomically designed reusable uterine manipulator with interchangeable tips. German engineered and priced affordably for your hospital or surgery center. 365-210 Hayden Manipulator/Injector w/ 2 Cannulas & 4 Obturators

  • 365-530 Cohen Hayden Uterine Manipulator

    Hayden Medical Cohen Cannula

    The Hayden Medical Cohen Cannula / Manipulator Injector (also referred to as a Cohen Intrauterine Cannula) comes complete with one small and one large cervical cone. This device is to be used with a uterine tenaculum in uterine manipulation procedures. Replacement cones, additional sizes and custom sizes available upon request.  Hayden Medical’s Cohen Cannulas are Imported […]

  • 365-203 Hulka Uterine Tenaculum

    Hulka Uterine Tenaculum

    365-203 Hulka Uterine Mobilizer/Tenaculum 11-1/4″ (28.1cm), standard sound 365-209 Hulka Uterine Mobilizer/Tenaculum 11-1/4″ (28.1cm), with atraumatic jaw & sound