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About Our Podiatry

Hayden Medical carries a wide variety of German Stainless Steel Podiatry Surgical Instruments. We have instruments for many different types of Podiatry procedures such as Foot and Ankle Surgery, Ingrown Toenail Extraction and treatment of Bone Spurs.

Popular Podiatry Instruments include:            040-226SS Nail Splitter 5040-283 McGlamry Metatarsal Elevators




Need help finding an instrument?

We can reference any surgical instrument company’s catalog numbers including, but not limited to the following Podiatry Surgical Instrument companies:

Aesculap* ❘ Apiary Medical* ❘ Arthrex* ❘ CHI-Med* ❘ gSource* ❘ Henry Schein* | Jarit* ❘ K-Medic* ❘ Millenium Surgical * | Miltex* ❘ Sklar* ❘ SSI* ❘ Tiemann* ❘ V-Mueller*

Instrument Sets and Trays are also available, please and speak with one of our representatives to make an instrument set to best fit your needs!

*Hayden Medical Inc. and haydenmedical.com are not affiliated with the companies listed above. Their names are registered trademarks of the respective owners of their companies.


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