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Converse Scissors, sometimes referred to as Wilmer Scissors, or Conjunctival Scissors. They are used for lifting the conjunctival flap during ophthalmic procedures.

Commonly used for ophthalmic procedures but have found recent popularity with facial plastic surgeons for dissecting and cutting nasal cartilage and nasal tissue during rhinoplasty procedures. Their 45-degree angle and sharp/sharp blade tips provide a precise cut making for a useful pair of rhinoplasty cartilage scissors. The 45-degree angle allows the surgeon to rest their hands at a lower position for greater visibility when performing these cuts and dissections. During these cuts and dissections, double and single skin hooks are used to retract the fine and sometimes thin nasal tissue. This scissor's angled profile helps with the manipulation of soft tissue around the nasal dorsum, adjusting for the individual's contour to the patient and surgeon's preference.

Nasal Tissue is Delicate... It is important to not damage nasal tissue as it can result in scarring. Using precision manufactured skin hooks like the Joseph Double Hook will ensure the best outcome for the surgeon and most importantly, the patient. These are commonly used with Hayden Medical's Double-Ended Nasal Rasps and Suction Tubes to finish and fine-tune a final result.

SuperCut Converse Scissors are the gold standard for Rhinoplasty procedures with their serrated blade for reduced tissue slipping paired with a precision manufactured "Super Sharp" blade for optimal cutting.  

100-472 Converse Scissors 4" (10cm), angled on flat

100-472SC Converse Scissors 4" (10cm), angled on flat, Super-Cut

500-472 Converse Scissors 4" (10cm), angled on flat, Tungsten Carbide

Marina Medical # 050-472 050-472SC Miltex 18-1440TC

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Weight 1 lbs
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Stainless Steel, Super-Cut, Tungsten Carbide

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