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Dorsal Nasal Rasps are for rhinoplasty procedures where traditional rasps like Fomon D/E or Peet-Cottle Rasps are too large or too coarse. These finer "finishing" rasps have Tungsten Carbide platforms that are durable and precise. The 2mm wide platforms allow for in-office procedures on the dorsal hump under local anesthesia. These are popular with surgeons who perform "touch up" rhinoplasty or those who are performing a revision rhinoplasty.

Key Takeaways and Uses:

  • Tungsten Carbide Rasp Platforms 
  • Typically used for finishing rather than initial shaving of nasal bone or cartilage
  • Fine tips for more precise outcomes
  • For use during in-office or "touch up" rhinoplasty

Small "minimally invasive" or office-based plastic and cosmetic surgery procedures are growing in popularity. These are a tool that will enable the surgeon to perform procedures faster and have less "down time" for the patient.

Compare to API 26-05-66E-C 26-05-66E-F ASSI Accurate Surgical ISSA Dorsal Nasal Rasp ASSI.25726 and ASSI.25926 Black and Black Livie Rasp B63205 B63206

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