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Gorney Suction Elevators are used for rhinoplasty procedures where elevation and suction are needed simultaneously from the same tool. Available with a blunt rounded tip for elevation and a semi-sharp square-ended tip for dissection. Hayden Medical's 100% Made in Germany Suction Elevators have 3mm wide fine tips for elevation in delicate areas such as the nose and other small facial structures. 

World-renowned plastic surgeons like Dr. Dean Toriumi and Dr. Douglas Henstrom have brought these suction elevators into popularity among rhinoplasty surgeons.

For other rhinoplasty instruments to complete your set, take a look at Hayden Medical's Rhinoplasty instruments.

Gorney Suction Elevator

405-338 7" (17.5cm), 3mm, blunt
405-339 7" (17.5cm), square working end, 3mm, semi-sharp

Xomed 37-14383 Gyrus 55-0439 Jarrit 400-297 Olympus 405800 KStorz 474001 ASSI ASSI.AG37626 Marina Medical 190-251

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Tip Pattern

Rounded – Blunt, Square – Semi-Sharp

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