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large adult head donuts are constructed with 100% viscoelastic gel, which offers the highest quality with superior anti-shear protection, moving and conforming for maximum patient comfort. These specially developed head donuts offer equal pressure distribution and are recommended for multiple surgical positions. The fluid-impervious vinyl encapsulated gel positioning pads protect against skin tissue breakdown and other types of costly post-operative damage. 

Altra-Gel Large Adult Head Donuts are available in the blue color for the following sizes:

  • 8"Dia. x 1.75" x 3"ID

Perfect for decreasing shear movement and reducing post-operative complications while providing protection and comfort for the patient

  • Decrease patient recovery times & complications
  • Provides support, stability, and elevation for patients
  • In-stock and bulk discounting
  • Constructed of fluid-proof vinyl and viscoelastic gel
  • Carefully designed for optimum stability and patient protection while in use
  • Developed to provide maximum patient protection & exposure to operative sites
Materials and Other Relevant Information
  • Gel pad constructed with viscoelastic polyurethane gel with vinyl membrane coating
  • Gel products are fully radiolucent, MRI-compatible, fluid-proof, latex-free, easy to clean, and are leak-proof

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