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Hayden Medical's Laparoscopic Liver Retractors are ideal for retracting the liver during laparoscopic and bariatric surgery procedures. Made with German stainless steel, these are thin and strong to be inserted through a small incision made by a trocar. This liver retractor will help evenly distribute weight to ensure the safety and protection of the liver. These are typically used with the Hayden Medical Martin's Arm.

Table Mounted Retractors like the Martin's Arm are the most effective and efficient device to hold these retractors in place to retract the liver to ultimately elevate or move it away from the surgical area. 

Watch a quick 1-minute insertion video here.

Hayden Medical Laparoscopic Liver Retractor, (Martin’s Arm & Quick Connect)

H13-1680QC Laparoscopic Liver Retr 6.5mm dia.- Small for use w/ Hayden Martin's Arm with hex fitting
H13-1681QC Laparoscopic Liver Retr 6.5mm dia.- Medium for use w/ Hayden Martin's Arm with hex fitting
H13-1682QC Laparoscopic Liver Retr 6.5mm dia.- Large for use w/ Hayden Martin's Arm with hex fitting

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