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Laparoscopic Surgery Applications: S-Shaped Retractors are used for open laparoscopic surgeries to retract and elevate the abdominal walls and its layers. These retractors are a staple in laparoscopic cholecystectomy (lap chole) instrument set for abdominal retraction. 

OB/GYN Applications: Hayden Medical's S-Shaped Retractors are commonly referred to as Hasson Retractors as they are used to facilitate insertion of the Hasson Cannula in OB/GYN procedures. These are used for lateral and anterior-posterior retraction of the cannula's entry site. S retractors make an opening for Hasson Graspers to grasp myomas, fibroids, ovaries and other structures during surgery. These also give room for myoma graspers and myoma screws to grasp and puncture. 

S-Shaped Retractors

HE10-1098A S-Shaped Retractors - Small Pair, 1/4" wide
HE10-1098B S-Shaped Retractors - Medium Pair, 3/8" wide
HE10-1098C S-Shaped Retractors - Large Pair, 1/2" wide

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Weight 3 lbs

1/4", 3/8", 1/2"

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