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Class B Pre/Post Vacuum Autoclave

Class B (that conform to European standard) mainly provides deeper vacuum in the autoclave chamber than Class S, and therefore include more complete air removal from the most difficult load types. It allows the system to perform vacuum in difficult hollow or porous instruments and perform effective sterilization of these materials.

Designed to meet the most current sterilization standards ANSI/AAMI ST55 ensuring the highest sterilization levels and highest quality constructions to ensure longevity.

Fast Cycles - 36 Minute wrapped instruments complete cycle, including drying

Optimal chamber capacity - More than 80% chamber capacity extra-long trays

Convenient loading - Open the door to 110º ensures it will not block your smooth loading of the chamber

Remote Wi-Fi - Monitor your autoclave via smartphone or tablet app

Advanced documentation - A variety of documentation and traceability options and barcodes

User-friendly touch screen control panel - Displays programs, cycles times, water levels and more

Technical specifications
Overall Dimensions (DxWxH)
21.1" x 18.89” x 19.68”
Chamber Volume
6 Gal / 23 Liters
Chamber Size (Depth x Ø)
18” x 10”
Tray Capacity
5 Trays
1 ethernet port, 4 USA ports, WiFi,
integrated automatic water filling
and drain connection
Item Supplies
Drain tube, tray holder
Power Consumption
1700W (230V)
2000W (110V)
Power Supply & Frequency
110V, 60Hz
or 230V, 60Hz
110 Lbs.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 31 × 24 × 28 in
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