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Tebbetts-Style Self-Retaining Skin Hooks are similar to Joseph Skin Hooks, but have a slit in the shaft of the hook. These slits hold a rubber band that can be stapled or sutured to a drape for a self-retaining function. Multiple sizes are available for use in many different plastic surgery procedures like:

Flap Dissection

Brow Lifting

210-690 single hook (Pictured)
210-691 double hook 2mm wide
210-692 double hook 5mm wide
210-693 double hook 8mm wide
210-694 double hook 11mm wide
210-695 double hook 13mm wide with ball ends

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Hook Type

single hook, double hook 2mm wide, double hook 5mm wide, double hook 8mm wide, double hook 11mm wide, double hook 13mm wide with ball ends

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