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Trepsat Scissors are used for atraumatic spreading and dissecting of facial flaps. Surgeons have used this scissor for many different procedures and techniques.

Commonly used for the central third of the face/neck for blunt dissection and undermining. The wider tipped versions allow for a larger area to undermine compared to traditional dissecting scissors. 

Popular procedures that Trepsat Scissors are used in are:
-Blepharoplasties (upper and lower)
-Face Lifting
-Neck Lifting
-SMAS Flap Dissection

The thumb plate provides an alternative option for using the Trepsat Scissor. Use your thumb to push the scissor blades open. Some surgeons find this way of handling the scissors more ergonomic and efficient. They can still be used similarly a traditional scissor with your thumb and finger.  

Trepsat Scissors from Hayden Medical are available in 3 tip sizes and all are 7" in length (18cm)


100-166 Size 7" (17.8cm), (5.5mm x 12mm) spreading tip - Small
100-167 Size 7" (17.8cm), (16mm x 25mm) spreading tip - Medium
100-168 Size 7" (17.8cm), (24mm x 40mm) spreading tip - Large

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Tip Size

Small – 5.5mm x 12mm, Medium – 16mm x 25mm, Large – 24mm x 40mm

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