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Corneal Protectors (Surgical Eye Shield) for Surgical and Non-Surgical Procedures

Surgical Procedures That Require Eye Protection

Blepharoplasties are one of the most common cosmetic procedures performed on the eyes. The use of a Surgical Eye Shield should be just as common. There are many types of blepharoplasties that can remove bags or excess skin from the eyelids to give a younger and more youthful look. To remove these bags or excess skin, you need to use Electrosurgical, Radiofrequency, or sharp instruments such as scissors or scalpels. When using these tools, it is important to make sure the patient’s eyes are protected.

Plastic Eye Shields (Black) OP23-202B

Plastic Eye Shield w/ Suction Cup (left) and w/ Handle (right), reusable and autoclavable

Hayden Medical’s Blepharoplasty Eye Shields (reusable-autoclavable) are made of autoclavable plastic and are inserted in the eye (underneath the lid, over the eyeball) to protect from sharp tools used around the eyeball. These are easy to insert (after anesthetic eye drops are used) as well as easy to remove with suction cups or a handle. These are ideal for use with electrocautery or RF devices such as our Bipolar Forceps or the Soniquence i200. These shields and the Soniquence RF technology provide an efficient and safe combination for your practice!

Eye Shields for Use with Non-Surgical Lasers

Hayden Medical staff members are certified by The LIA (Laser Institute of America) and we take the utmost care and concern when it comes to laser safety. Cosmetic Lasers and non-surgical procedures are becoming a growing trend in cosmetic and plastic surgery. They can be used to remove scarring or tattoos, “resurface” the skin on the face and “tighten” the skin’s natural appearance. With these lasers, there are some dangers, but with the proper protection tools, these risks can be greatly reduced or eliminated.

COX II H Ocular Laser Eye Shields with Offset Handle OP21-262H
COX II Laser Eye Shield OP21-264











Laser Eye Shields with Handle (left) and with Suction Cup (right), reusable and autoclavable

Hayden Medical’s Metal Ocular Shields are the solution for ensuring patient and staff safety. Made of stainless steel and reusable/autoclavable, these eye shields have become the industry standard in ocular safety for laser procedures. A smooth inner surface makes these comfortable for the patient and a dulled outer surface make these safe for the doctor and staff to eliminate laser reflection. 

Ocular Damage Due to Improper Laser Protection

Patient Safety is not something to be taken lightly. Below is an excerpt on a procedure that was done carelessly with minimal protection which caused permanent eye damage

“Initially, the patient reported she was wearing safety glasses while the laser procedure was performed on her legs and underarms but was asked by the laser technician to remove the glasses while he was working on her eyebrows. The patient reported that the technician used his hand to cover her right eye while working on her right brow and covered both of her eyes with his hand while working on her left brow. She did not have any discomfort during the procedure, but about 6 hours later, she noticed blurred vision in the left eye” (Jama Ophthalmology)

The problems did not stop after 6 hours. She continued to seek treatment after a day of discomfort and was diagnosed with anterior uveitis in her eye which if not treated can cause permanent damage which includes loss of vision, development of glaucoma, cataract or retinal edema. (American Optometric Association)

This treatment concluded with much less damage than what could have happened due to the patient’s attentiveness to the issue and it was stated that “At the 4-month follow-up, the patient’s visual acuity was 20/20 OU, but the iris atrophy, posterior synechiae, and corectopia remained in the left eye.” (Jama Ophthalmology)

Although this patient walked away with minimal damage, the use of ocular shields or goggles would have severely reduced this risk and the patient would have been able to avoid 4 months of different eye drop treatments and office visits.

This is just one story of how ocular shields and goggles can protect and prevent ocular damage in laser treatments for cosmetic procedures. There are reports and incidents of these kinds of complications frequently, but the use of ocular shields can drastically reduce patient harm.

External Eye Shields OP21-555

Patient Goggles (over eye) for Laser, reusable and autoclavable

“Wow! I should be using these!”

That is correct! Every case where a laser or sharp object has the potential to come in contact with the eye, corneal protectors should be used. Hayden Medical’s Corneal Protectors are available to order online and most orders ship within 24 hours, if not within a week (usually sooner). Also, see the Sutcliffe Eye Shield or Ocular Jaeger Lid Plate for extra and/or alternative protection. Order online today or call today and talk with one of our friendly Instrument Specialists for more information!

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