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Martin’s Arm. The Martin’s Arm Retractor from Hayden Medical is a necessity for any operating room. With the ability to hold different retractors, scopes and instruments, it is like having a steady set of hands eliminating the need for an extra OR assistant. If you have used Martin’s Arms, you know how beneficial they are in the OR. Constructed of solid German Stainless Steel, its sturdy and thin design allows the surgeon more area for movement. This device provides minimal set-up time as well as facilitation of the operation that might otherwise become difficult or even hazardous. This retractor system is ready to be your extra set of steady hands in the OR.

Designed with precise quick locking features, variable height, and 360° rotating movement adjustments, giving the surgeon a multitude of angles to work with. The need for this device is to enhance visualization and technical performance that saves time and keeps operating costs low. With so many advantages and applications, the Martin’s Arm is the perfect and cost effective OR assistant.

Martin's Arm and Accessories

Cases where the Martin’s Arm is used: Carotid Artery, Laparoscopic, Bariatric, Liposuction, Abdominoplasty, Gynecology (GYN), Hymenoplasty, Vaginoplasty, Obstetrics, A&P Resection, and Radical Surgeries.

This system can hold many styles of retractors (vaginal, liver, Deaver, etc.) as well as scopes and other surgical accessories.

Hayden Medical also supplies sterile baskets and containers to make sterile processing a breeze. Our baskets allow maximum efficiency during sterile processing and setup in the OR. Our sterilization baskets fit both our standard and XL arm. Many of our doctors and surgical techs who have used Martins Arms find our cases to be a perfect fit to help with OR organization and consistency. 

Take a look at our video on the Martin’s Arm Retractor

115-050 Martins Arm Retractor, L-stand 18-3/4″ tall (arm only)
115-052 XL Bariatric Martins Arm Retractor, L-stand 24″ tall (arm only)
115-055 Martins Arm Retractor, L-stand 18-3/4″ tall, includes table clamp
115-056 XL Bariatric Martins Arm Retractor, L-stand 24″ tall, includes table clamp


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Standard, Bariatric

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