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  • HC-MER Mercedes Cannula

    Mercedes Micro Aspiration Cannula

    All Mercedes Micro Aspiration Cannulas have a luer lock hub HC-MER1215 12ga Diameter, 15cm Length HC-MER1225 12ga Diameter, 25cm Length HC-MER1415 14ga Diameter, 15cm Length HC-MER1425 14ga Diameter, 25cm Length HC-MER0315 3mm Diameter, 15cm Length HC-MER0312 3mm Diameter, 25cm Length

  • HC2180-MAN Micro Aspiration Needle

    Micro Fat Aspiration Cannula (FAC)

    All Micro Fat Aspiration Cannulas have a luer lock hub HC-MAN1215 12ga Diameter, 15cm Length HC-MAN1220 12ga Diameter, 20cm Length HC-MAN1225 12ga Diameter, 25cm Length HC-MAN1415 14ga Diameter, 15cm Length HC-MAN1425 14ga Diameter, 25cm Length

  • HC2210-MIN V Micro Injection Needle V dissector

    Micro Injection “V” Dissector

    All Micro Injection “V” Dissectors have a luer lock hub HC-MINV1215 12ga Diameter, 15cm Length HC-MINV1225 12ga Diameter, 25cm Length HC-MINV1415 14ga Diameter, 15cm Length HC-MINV1409 14ga Diameter, 9cm Length HC-MINV1607 16ga Diameter, 7cm Length HC-MINV1609 16ga Diameter, 9cm Length HC-MINV1807 18ga Diameter, 7cm Length

  • HC-MIN1 Micro Injection Needle, Style 1

    Style 1 Micro Injector

    All Style 1 Micro Injectors have a luer lock hub HC-MIN11605 16ga Diameter, 5cm Length HC-MIN11607 16ga Diameter, 7cm Length HC-MIN11609 16ga Diameter, 9cm Length HC-MIN11807 18ga Diameter, 7cm Length HC-MIN11809 18ga Diameter, 9cm Length HC-MIN11903 19ga Diameter, 3cm Length HC-MIN11905 19ga Diameter, 5cm Length HC-MIN12003 20ga Diameter, 3cm Length HC-MIN12005 20ga Diameter, 5cm Length

  • HC2230-MIN2 Micro Injection Needle, Style 2

    Style 2 Micro Injector

    All Style 2 Micro Injectors have a luer lock hub HC-MIN21607 16ga Diameter, 7cm Length HC-MIN21609 16ga Diameter, 9cm Length HC-MIN21807 18ga Diameter, 7cm Length HC-MIN21809 18ga Diameter, 9cm Length

  • HC2235-MIN3 Micro Injection Needle, Style 3

    Style 3 Micro Injector

    All Style 3 Micro Injectors have a luer lock hub HC-MIN31607 16ga Diameter, 7cm Length HC-MIN31609 16ga Diameter, 9cm Length HC-MIN31807 18ga Diameter, 7cm Length HC-MIN31809 18ga Diameter, 9cm Length

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