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Needle Holders

Needle Holders

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  • 520-216 Neivert Needle Holder

    Neivert Needle Holders

    160-012 Neivert Needle Holder 5″ (12.5cm), one offset finger ring, serrated 520-216 Neivert Needle Holder 5″ (12.5cm), one offset finger ring, serrated, tungsten carbide

  • 160-016 Olsen-Hegar Needle Holder w Scissors

    Olsen-Hegar Needle Holder (Needle Driver)

    Olsen Hegar Needle Holders are often referred to as “Combos”. These Scissor, Needle Driver Combos allow for suturing and cutting with one tool instead of needing a needle driver and scissors. With the tip of the instrument being a needle holder to grab needles and pull suture and the rear of the jaw opening being […]

  • 520-453 Ryder Needle Holder

    Ryder Needle Holders

    520-452 Ryder Needle Holder 5″ (12.5cm), serrated jaws, tungsten carbide 520-452S Ryder Needle Holder 5″ (12.5cm), smooth jaws, tungsten carbide 520-453 Ryder Needle Holder 6″ (15cm), serrated jaws, tungsten carbide 520-456 Ryder Needle Holder 7″ (17.5cm), serrated jaws, tungsten carbide 520-458 Ryder Needle Holder 8″ (20cm), serrated jaws, tungsten carbide 520-460 Ryder Needle Holder 9″ […]

  • 520-070 Webster Needle Holder

    Webster Needle Holders

    Hayden Medical’s Webster Needle Holders are made of German Stainless Steel and have a lifetime warranty on manufacturer defects. Available with Stainless Steel or Tungsten Carbide jaws, these needle holders are your go-to needle driver for suturing in smaller areas. For finer needle drivers for use in microsurgery or blepharoplasty, see Hayden’s Baby Webster or […]