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  • Z Clamp Zeppelin Clamp Slight Curve

    Z-Best Hysterectomy Clamps (Zeppelin-Style Clamp)

    Z-Best Clamps, straight ZBCA-21 Z-Best Hysterectomy Clamp 8-1/4″ (21cm), straight ZBCA-24 Z-Best Hysterectomy Clamp 9-1/2″ (24cm), straight ZBCA-30 Z-Best Hysterectomy Clamp 12″ (30cm), straight   Z-Best Clamps, slight curve ZBCB-21 Z-Best Hysterectomy Clamp 8-1/4″ (21cm), slight curve ZBCB-24 Z-Best Hysterectomy Clamp 9-1/2″ (24cm), slight curve ZBCB-30 Z-Best Hysterectomy Clamp 12″ (30cm), slight curve   Z-Best […]

  • ZBSB Scissors

    Z-Best Hysterectomy Scissors

    Z-Best Hysterectomy Scissors™ are a complete set of TC Parametrium scissors designed to match the Z-Best Hysterectomy Clamp™ jaw curvatures.  The Z-Best Scissors™ have tungsten carbide blades with one blade serrated.  The result is a scissor that stays sharper longer, allowing the surgeon to cut with the tip of the blades without the tissue slipping out […]

  • Zeppelin Vaginal Cuff Clamp

    Z-Best Vaginal Cuff Clamp (Zeppelin-Style Clamp)

    Z-Best Vaginal Cuff Clamp ZBCE-24 Z-Best Vaginal Cuff Clamp, 9-1/2″ (24cm), 60mm Jaw, right angle ZBCE-30 Z-Best Vaginal Cuff Clamp, 12″ (30cm), 60mm Jaw, right angle

  • Zoll AED Plus

    Zoll AED Plus® – Encore Series (refurbished)

    Encore Series AEDs are completely refurbished using our proprietary process developed over 20 years of selling AEDs. Rest assured that any Encore Series AED sold by AED.us has gone through our extensive multi-point inspection and carries the longest warranty in the industry at 4 years.  The AED Plus from Zoll was the first AED to […]

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