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The only gravity and airflow removal autoclave upgradable to pre/post vacuum (class B).

Class S used in the USA obtain a weaker vacuum level and is less effective than class B in the sterilization of hollow instruments.

Designed to meet the most current sterilization standards ANSI/AAMI ST55 ensuring the highest sterilization levels and highest quality constructions to ensure longevity.

Fast Cycles - 36 Minute wrapped instruments complete cycle, including drying

Optimal chamber capacity - More than 80% chamber capacity extra-long trays

Convenient loading - Open the door to 110º ensures it will not block your smooth loading of the chamber

Remote Wi-Fi - Monitor your autoclave via smartphone or tablet app

Advanced documentation - A variety of documentation and traceability options and barcodes

User-friendly touch screen control panel - Displays programs, cycles times, water levels and more

Technical specifications
Overall Dimensions (DxWxH)
21.1" x 18.89” x 19.68”
Chamber Volume
6 Gal / 23 Liters
Chamber Size (Depth x Ø)
18” x 10”
Tray Capacity
5 Trays
1 ethernet port, 4 USA ports, WiFi,
integrated automatic water filling
and drain connection
Item Supplies
Drain tube, tray holder
Power Consumption
1700W (230V)
2000W (110V)
Power Supply & Frequency
110V, 60Hz
or 230V, 60Hz
110 Lbs.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 31 × 24 × 28 in
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