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Facelift Scissors


Hayden Medical’s Facelift Scissors are 100% Made in Germany with High-Quality German Stainless Steel. Facelift scissors are used for dissection in facial tissue. This type of scissor is ideal for face dissection as it a tool that provides the rapid dissection of facial tissue via small incisions to ensure limited incisions to be made on the face. Many patterns have Beveled Blades or Spatula Tips for easy movement through facial tissue. Dissection is a breeze by creating channels via tensing the skin and spreading the tips of the blades. This ensures precise facial and neck flaps.

 Freeman-Gorney Facelift Scissors 500-952

Which Blade Type is Right for You?

Hayden Medical’s Facelift Scissors have many blade variations, but most include a Super-Cut Blade, Tungsten Carbide blades or both.

Hayden Medical’s SuperCut Facelift Scissors include a blade with micro-serrations to ensure tissue does not slip during dissection.

Our Tungsten Carbide Blades have tungsten carbide inserts that are corrosion resistant, weldless and have a homogenous connection between the tungsten carbide and steel.

At the end of the day, the blade preference is up to You, the Surgeon. Hayden Medical is here to find the perfect Facelift Scissor for your hands, technique and comfortability.

Haven’t tried Hayden Medical Facelift Scissors yet?

We can reference any surgical instrument company’s catalog numbers including, but not limited to the following Plastic Surgery Instrument companies:

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See how you can save money without compromising quality on your next Facelift Scissor investment with Hayden Medical!

*Hayden Medical Inc. and haydenmedical.com are not affiliated with the companies listed above. Their names are registered trademarks of the respective owners of their companies.

**Custom Facelift Scissors are also available by request.


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  • Ceramic Freeman-Gorney Facelift Scissors 500-952SCK

    Ceramic Freeman-Gorney Facelift Scissors

    Gorney Facelift Scissors are used for delicate skin dissection on the face and neck areas. Commonly used to isolate skin flaps during plastic and general surgeries. SuperCut Technology For Atraumatic […]

  • Placeholder

    Ceramic Freeman-Kaye Facelift Scissors

    500-926SCK Freeman-Kaye Facelift Scissors 7″ (17.5cm), super-cut, ceramic, curved, w/ offset hand rings, saberback, serrated

  • Davis Facelift Scissors 500-915SC

    Davis Facelift Scissors Super Cut

    Davis Scissors feature tapered curved blades and sharp tips for precise cutting and dissection. The super Cut design allows for facilitated rapid and efficient undermining of skin flaps during face lift procedures. […]

  • 405-429

    Facial Flap Dissector

    Facial Flap Dissector 405-429

  • 500-950SC Freeman-Gorney Facelift Scissors 7-12 (18.8cm), super-cut, straight, saberback, serrated

    Freeman-Gorney Facelift Scissors

    Freeman-Gorney Facelift Scissors from Hayden Medical are 100% Made in Germany with German Stainless Steel. These scissors have polished tips and matte shanks to avoid light reflection that could interfere […]

  • 500-926 Freeman-Kaye Facelift Scissors 7 (17.5cm), tungsten carbide, curved, w offset hand rings, saberback, serrated

    Freeman-Kaye Facelift Scissors

    Freeman-Kaye Facelift Scissors 500-925 Freeman-Kaye Facelift Scissors 7″ (17.5cm), tungsten carbide, straight, w/ offset hand rings, saberback, serrated 500-925SC Freeman-Kaye Facelift Scissors 7″ (17.5cm), super-cut, straight, w/ offset hand rings, […]

  • 500-918 Gorney Facelift Scissors 7-34 (19.5cm), tungsten carbide, straight, saberback, serrated

    Gorney Facelift Scissors

    Hayden Medical's Gorney Facelift Scissors are 100% Made in Germany with German stainless steel. Expert German craftsmanship and rigorous inspection ensure that Hayden Medical's Gorney Facelift Scissors are the highest quality facelifting scissors you can use.

  • 500-929 Kaye-Facelift Scissors 5-12 (14cm), tungsten carbide, curved, saberback, flattened tip, serrated

    Kaye Facelift Scissors

    Kaye Facelift Scissors for Facelifting and Rhytidectomy  500-929 Kaye Rhytidectomy Scissors 5-1/2″ (14cm), tungsten carbide, curved, saberback, serrated 500-930 Kaye Rhytidectomy Scissors 7″ (17.5cm), tungsten carbide, curved, saberback, serrated 500-931 […]

  • 100-321SC-Par-Scissors-SUPER-CUT-4-12-11.3cm-curved

    PAR (Plastic and Reconstructive) Scissors

    Hayden Medical's PAR (Plastic and Reconstructive) Scissors are 100% Made in Germany and come in Super-Cut, Ceramic, and Tungsten Carbide blades.

  • Trepsat Scissors Small Medium Large

    Trepsat Facial Flap Spreading/Dissecting Scissors

    Trepsat Scissors are used for atraumatic spreading and dissecting of facial flaps. Surgeons have used this scissor for many different procedures and techniques.

  • wilkinson face lift scissor

    Wilkinson Face Lift Scissor

    Wilkinson Face Lift Scissors From Hayden Medical are commonly used for blunt and sharp dissection. The offset blades offer better line of sight for more easy and accurate dissection. These scissors are crafted from quality German Stainless Steel for years of reliable use.

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