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Patient Eye Protection for Lasers

Eye Shields (Ocular Shields or Corneal Protectors) from Hayden Medical are 100% reusable and a cost-effective solution for blepharoplasties, laser treatments and any other procedure where the eye needs protecting. Reusable eye protection is becoming the industry standard for laser procedures. They are now a necessity for maximum patient safety. Ocular shields are available in autoclavable plastic or autoclavable metal as well as have options for easy to use handles or suction cups for removal.

Internal Metal Eyeshields are heavily polished inside to ensure that the patient does not experience any discomfort. This polish extends to the outer ring of the shield until it touches the non-reflective front to provide safety, comfort and protection for both the patient and staff.

Hayden Medical provides eye shields for pediatrics and adults. Child sizes tend to be X-Small and Small when adult sizes range from Medium to Large. This includes ocular protection for lasers (metal) as well as surgical (plastic for blepharoplasty) ocular shields.

COX II H Ocular Laser Eye Shields with Offset Handle OP21-262H

Sutcliffe Eye Shields are used by manually placing the shield over the part of the eye that you want protected rather than inserting the ocular shield for protection of the globe.

Sutcliffe Laser Eye Shield OP21-276

For more information on patient safety with lasers as well as using laser eye protection for the safest patient outcomes, see our article on “Protecting Patient Eyes with Ocular Shields (Laser and Blepharoplasty)” by clicking right here!

Disposable Eye Protection

Hayden Medical is in the process of providing disposable eye shields in packs of 25 or 50 pairs. For more information, please call or email us at 661-296-7200 or info@haydenmedical.com.


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  • External Eye Shields OP21-555

    Durette IV External Eye Shields (Eye Shield Goggles)

    Durette IV External Eye Shields (with moveable metal – nasal and temporal) Both the nasal and temporal pieces can be moved away from the area to be treated, without affecting proper shields’ position. OP21-555, regular or OP21-552, small. Durette IV external laser shields, with mobile metal attachments. Includes 1 assembled pair external shields and extras. […]

  • Suction Cups OP23-012

    Eye Shield Suction Cups (Pack of 12)

    For easy insertion and removal of ocular protective shields.  Available by the dozen.  Can be autoclaved.  Contains natural rubber. Eye Shield Suction Cups   OP23-012 Large Rubber Suction Cup, one dozen

  • COX II Laser Eye Shield OP21-264

    Laser Eye Shield (Ocular Shield)

    Hayden Medical Ocular Laser Eye Shields To protect the patient and personnel from the laser and IPL, Hayden Medical offers a wide variety of stainless steel laser shields and instruments. Their non-reflective surfaces on our metal corneal shields disperse laser and other sources of energy. Our eye shields are autoclavable, durable, low maintenance instruments making […]

  • COX II H Ocular Laser Eye Shields with Offset Handle OP21-262H

    Laser Eye Shield (Ocular Shield) with Offset Handle 

    COX II H® Ocular Laser Eye Shields (Metal Corneal Shield) with Offset Handle is marked for size and has a safety ring at the edge.

  • OP21-276 Sutcliffe Laser Shield, Stainless Steel, Bent

    Sutcliffe Eye Shield 

    The Sutcliffe shields, with all surfaces non-reflective for safe use with the laser, come in many configurations for various applications. The same basic piece is available modified in design to shield different parts of the body. You can shield eyelashes, eyebrows, eyelids, freckles, lips, gums, teeth, etc. and any tissue (deep or superficial) needing protection. […]

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