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Hayden Medical's Desmarres Chalazion Clamp also referred to as an Ear Lobe Clamp is used for steady retraction to repair ear lobes that have been significantly torn or stretched. This earlobe clamp can be caused by faulty ear lobe piercing or "gauging" of the ears as well as years-long use of heavy earrings. This can also be used to immobilize the ear lobe for cyst removal.

Stretching/tear/breakage happens when the person piercing uses a "piercing gun" rather than a traditional piercing needle with manual insertion which can cause damage. "Gauged" ears can be stretched beyond the point of closing on their own as well as the lobes can be ripped by getting caught or pulled on.


Desmarres Chalazion Clamp 

210-191 Desmarres Chalazion Forceps 3-1/2" (8.8cm), small, oval 11mm x 17mm ID

210-192 Desmarres Chalazion Forceps 3-1/2" (8.8cm), medium, oval 12mm x 23mm ID (pictured)

210-193 Desmarres Chalazion Forceps 3-1/2" (8.8cm), large, oval 17mm x 28mm ID

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Weight 1 lbs

Small, oval 11mm x 17mm ID, Medium, oval 12mm x 23mm ID, Large, oval 17mm x 28mm ID

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