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Jansen-Middleton Through Cutting Forceps (Fine Tip)

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Hayden Medical ‘s Jansen-Middleton through cutting forceps are a collaboration between a group of world-renowned rhinoplasty surgeons, Hayden Medical and German engineering. The 13mm x 3mm through cutting tip is fine enough for cutting nasal tissues and cartilage without being too bulky to get in the way of the surgeon performing their rhinoplasty. Common complaints with competitor’s Jansen Middleton’s are that they’re too bulky and do not fit where they need to be used in small nasal structures. Hayden Medical wanted to fix that. 

The Key Features of Hayden Medical’s Jansen-Middleton Through Cutting Forceps are:

  • Fine tip size (13mm long and 3mm wide)
  • 100% Made in Germany with German Stainless Steel
  • Double-Action mechanism to reduce strain and fatigue on the surgeon’s hands/arms
  • Collaboration between world-renowned rhinoplasty surgeons, German manufacturing and Hayden Medical


200-558 Jansen-Middleton Septum Forceps 6-3/4″ (17.2cm), double-action, through-cutting 13mm x 3mm

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