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Balfour retractors are a 3-sided retractor with the ability to add a 4th blade. These retractors are referred to as self-retaining retractors as there is not a need for a surgeon, nurse or tech to hold the blades, only place them in the designated position. Commonly used for abdominal and gynecological surgeries, the Balfour retractor has been a necessity in many operations. 

Balfour Retractors can be used with The Martin's Arm table-mounted retractor and instrument holder for an entirely "hands-free" retraction system. 

See how the Balfour Retractor is assembled below.


105-432 Balfour Retractor, 2 sets of interchangeable blades (2" deep & 4" deep), 10" spread with center blade (3-sided retractor)

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